Studio-Self Portrait I am a professional photographer living in Denver Colorado.  I specialize in Wedding, Portrait, Architectural and Real Estate Photography.  I seek beauty through photographs.  I love capturing perfect lines, symmetry, expressions, personality, laughter…all the things that make life’s moments unforgettable.

At a very young age I was fascinated with creating art.  I spent hours sketching with pencils and chalk, melding colors with crayons and watercolors, and creating patterns in the sand.  At age 6 my parents bought me my first film camera.  Some of my clearest memories to date were the ensuing months spent photographing whatever I found interesting.  Unfortunately for my parents’ checkbook this meant almost anything!  Purchasing and developing film was expensive and fortunately for me my parents continued to support my small obsession.  Fast-forward twenty something odd years and I find myself blessed to spend each and every day immersed in my passion for photographs.

The beginning of my career as a professional photographer developed photographing weddings.  I relished the chance to share the raw emotion experienced on these unforgettable days with my clients.  To date I have yet to find a single day in which so many people collectively experience such an overwhelming amount of joy, laughter, and fun.  My passion for artistically capturing these emotions through my lenses fuels my creative fire.  I live for these days.

In 2010 I had the opportunity to meet with a local Real Estate firm here in Denver.  I didn’t know it at the time, but a love for homes, buildings, and structures grew from photographing listings for the brokerage.  Perpendicularity, lighting, staging and the interplay of different mediums and finishes quickly became fixations for me.  I was able to evolve my talents and develop a more complete understand of what composed a complete image.

The duality of my professional background helps to define who I am as a photographer.  I am playful.  I am colorful.  I am regimented and particular.  I love the chaos of living in the moment yet relish control in staging the perfect photograph.  I draw from this duality and find that they complement one another when seeking to capture beauty with my camera.